Cannington Veterinary Hospital - Birthday Celebrations

Congratulations Dallas!

“Dallas”, one of our long term patients has just celebrated her 17th Birthday. This is roughly equivalent to a human turning 100 so we thought it was worth acknowledging this great achievement. As you can see, Dallas’ owner helped mark the occasion by preparing a delicious carrot cake as a special treat.

These days, many of our pets live longer lives through good nutrition and preventative health care. There are also many ways we can keep our geriatric pets comfortable and mobile with treatment for arthritis and other age related chronic illnesses. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your older pet on 9356 5696.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR SENIOR PATIENTS FOR OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER              One of the most important ways to diagnose problems in older pets is with pathology tests including, blood and urine tests, analysis of lumps and sometimes x-rays or ultrasounds. For the remainder of October and all of November 2018 we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR PETS OVER 10 YEARS OF AGE.

Some owners put off taking their older pet to the vet thinking that a new problem is just “old age”, but often these changes can be treated to keep them healthy and comfortable for longer.  If your older pets has any issues that concern you, please book an appointment and we can determine whether further investigation is required.