Cannington Veterinary Hospital Team

Thank You

Thank you for the wonderful support everyone has given us over the last few months. We have appreciated our client’s patience and understanding with the hygiene and distancing restrictions we implemented for everyone’s safety. We are so pleased that everyone is taking such good care of their pets during this experience and we have been very busy providing veterinary care when required.

In line with the relaxtion of Government retrictions we are now returning to more normal routines. However, to maintain distancing requirements we are still asking clients to wait outside or in their cars until called in for their consultation and we are limiting entry into the hospital to one person per pet. Please phone on arrival at the hospital if a staff member does not greet you. Most of the time we will still ask to take your pet to the treatment room during their examination so they can be held by a nurse. We are still only taking card payments where possible.

Please call 9356 5696 if you wish to make an appointment for a consultation or have any concerns about your pet.

We have now returned to being open 7 days:

Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

Sunday 10am to 12pm