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We love animals, and we know that you do too – that’s why we always provide your pet with the best treatment.

Cannington Vet Hospital offers a wide range of services and surgical treatments. Our clinic is equipped with a surgical room, medical dispensary, laboratory and outdoor area.

Health Checkups

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Preventative Health Care

Annual health check-ups can help your veterinarian diagnose, treat or even prevent problems before they become life-threatening. They’re also a great opportunity to take care of vaccinations and parasite prevention and discuss behavioural or nutritional changes or concerns.


Vaccination has revolutionised control of infectious disease in our pets. It is essential that all pets are adequately vaccinated to help protect the pet population as a whole. We recommend vaccinating your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret to prevent deadly diseases.

Parasite Control

Treatment against fleas, intestinal worms & heartworm should form part of your pet’s health care routine. We have very effective preventative treatment options available including tablets, chews, spot-on’s and even an annual injection for dogs, administered by our vets.

Imaging & Pathology

We offer a range of diagnostic services including radiology, ultrasonography, and onsite pathology. We have advanced digital x-ray technology and high-quality medical equipment ensuring fast and accurate images. This means that your pet can be diagnosed quickly and spend less time under anaesthetic.

Surgical Procedures

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Desexing is one of the most common procedures performed at Cannington Veterinary Hospital. Our desexing procedures are aimed at offering your pet a quick and safe recovery with minimum discomfort. 

Tumor & Cancer Surgeries

We perform a thorough examination and any necessary further testing to diagnose lumps affecting an animal’s health, mobility, or well being. Your vet will then discuss the recommended treatment plan with you.

Soft Tissue

Our skilled veterinarians can perform the vast majority of soft tissue procedures such as large mass removals, caesareans, biopsies, wound stitches, removal of foreign bodies and more.


Just like humans, our pets are vulnerable to gum disease and problems with their teeth. We offer an extensive range of dental treatments from the elective to the unavoidable. Whether it’s a general clean or a more complex extraction, your pet is in the best hands. 

Wellbeing Services

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Microchip implants are a permanent form of identification for your pet. Should your pet ever go missing the microchip can be scanned to identify their owner’s details. Microchipping is now compulsory for most pets and completely safe.

Behaviour Advice

Our veterinarians investigate behavioural problems by obtaining a complete history and conducting a full examination to accurately diagnose a problem. Behavioural problems are often the combined effect of many factors, including your pet’s environment and learning. 

Nutritional Advice

Our Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses can provide nutritional advice for any stage of your pets life – from puppies and kittens right through to seniors. We can prescribe special diets for pets with chronic problems such as allergies, kidney disease, arthritis and many other health conditions.

Allergies & Itchy Skin

Although medication will usually provide short-term relief it must be remembered that this is only treating the symptoms and the effects will only last while the medication is being given. We examine your pet and obtain a full history of the problem before medication is dispensed. In many cases simple laboratory tests such as skin scrapings may be required to help confirm the diagnosis.