Cannington Veterinary Hospital - Clueless Puppy


For some people the choice of veterinary hospital or specific veterinarian may be based on nothing more than convenience and for a few it may be based on pricing. However, for the majority of pet owners who genuinely love their pets and consider them part of the family the decision is usually based much more on trust gained by an ongoing relationship and consistent quality care. Taking your pet to a vet is a little like taking your child to the dentist or even having your hair cut. If you trust that person you feel confident with their recommendations and any procedures required.

If, however, you are new to an area or choosing a vet for the first time there a few things to help this process. A very good starting place is word of mouth. Asking dog owners at the local park where they attend or speaking to friends and neighbours with pets will often give you a recommendation. Many of our clients come to us for the first time by recommendations in this way. We really appreciate clients endorsing our work like this and consider it the best ‘thank you’ we can receive.