Cannington Veterinary Hospital Newsletter

Our 20th Year at Cannington Veterinary Hospital

2019 marks a milestone 20th year for Dr. Alan Kelly and Dr. Trevor Cooper’s ownership and management of CVH. During those years we’ve learnt a great deal, we’ve shared many happy moments meeting new puppies and kittens, cared for them through illness and injury and unfortunately of course felt the sadness and loss of many very loved pets, including several of our own. Being immersed in this spectrum of experience on a daily basis and sharing these moments with our clients and patients is what makes our job so interesting and rewarding. We consider ourselves very privileged to be able to provide this service and meet so many lovely characters along the way.

Cannington Veterinary Hospital will strive to continue our professional and caring service through 2019 and into our third decade.

Dr. Trevor Cooper / Dr. Alan Kellly