Cannington Veterinary Hospital - Pet Harness

New harness a winner with our staff pets

Have you heard of the Black Dog Balance harness? We have just discovered them ourselves and we think they are pretty great. A lot of the staff here at Cannington Vet are now using the Black Dog Balance Harness for their own pets.

At Cannington Vet we all love spending time with our dogs and taking them for walks is a huge part of the daily activities we enjoy. Spring is here and with the beautiful weather we will be out and about more with our fur friends enjoying the sunshine. For Tahnee these harnesses have made a huge difference. Walking with her two large mastiff dogs Jonah and Gabriel and a little French Bulldog named Sarai is challenging. Even though they are mostly well behaved they are very strong . Since using the Black Dog balance harness their walks are much easier and more enjoyable.

Dr Kirsten Underwood has been using the harnesses on her two dogs for many years. She likes the way the dogs are pulled back towards you if they pull too much, providing a gentle method to train them to walk comfortably without the need to pull. The big difference to normal harnesses is that the Black dog balance harness also has an attachment for the lead at the front, on the dog’s chest area. This means that as your dog pulls forward their body turns and this stops the forward motion which in turn stops the forward pull.

They can be used for dogs of all sizes and strengths. Pictured are some of the staff dogs who love this harness. You’re welcome to bring your dog in to the clinic to try on the harness and see how it works. The nurses can help you choose the correct size and help to fit it on your dog.