Cannington Veterinary Hospital - Dr Trevor Cooper and his dog Storm

Hill’s J/D Puts Fresh Life Back In To Old Joints

As a veterinarian it is always more meaningful to be able to talk to clients not only from a scientific medical perspective but also from personal experience with my own pets. My dog Storm is now 13 years old. Being a kelpie cross he has always enjoyed chasing balls and I have always enjoyed running with him. Unfortunately, a few years ago Stormy started struggling to complete the runs and was pulling up sore, so we reduced the ball chasing and stopped running together.

I thought from then on we would just have to enjoy walking. However, about 18mths ago I started Storm on Hill’s J/D diet and within about 6mths I noticed he was moving much better. For the last 6-12mths we have started running together again which we both love. He is doing remarkably well for a 13 year old. I can only attribute this to the J/D diet and as a result I have become even more enthusiastic about encouraging owners of older dogs with joint stiffness to consider feeding this excellent diet.

Recently Hill’s have also released a new version of the J/D diet called Metabolic Plus that has all the benefits of the J/D but with weight management benefits as well. Many older dogs that suffer with arthritis are also overweight so this new diet will be even better for these cases.

Dr. Trevor Cooper