Stress Less

Pets can feel stress just like we can. One stressful occurrence for a pet can be a trip to the vet!

A seminar held by the The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA) entitled ‘How to Avoid Patient Stress at the Vet’s’ – was a detailed look at the factors that cause stress for a patient visiting the vet, and how we can minimise or avoid them completely.

Did you know that your cat or dog might be experiencing stress even before they see the vet?

Cats especially can be stressed by being put into an unfamiliar cage, and transported in a car to a strange smelling place. While this is necessary- it is a good idea to leave the cage out regularly for your cat to sniff and get used to (a cage that appears only for a vet visit is a scary thing for a cat). You can even reward your cat with treats or pats if he enters the cage. Cat cages should be covered with a towel during transport and in the waiting room of the veterinary hospital to allow your cat to feel more secure.

Dogs might be stressed by the presence of strange people or animals in the waiting room, strange smells or by remembering a negative past experience. Stressed out pooches can be counter conditioned to enjoy being handled at the vet’s using treats and positive training methods. Ask us how you can help your dog relax when confronted with nail clippers, hair trims, anal gland expressions and vaccinations.

At Cannington Vet we are always looking for ways to make our patients more comfortable when they visit and we will continue to implement new ideas to reduce stress for our furry friends!