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Vaccination has revolutionised control of infectious disease in our pets. It is essential that all pets are adequately vaccinated to help protect the pet population as a whole. We recommend vaccinating your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret to prevent deadly diseases!

Puppies & Kittens

Young puppies and kittens will require a course of vaccinations over several weeks to complete their immunity and yearly vaccinations thereafter.

It is important to remember that your puppy or kitten is not fully immune until one week after their final needle. This means avoiding high risk activities such as visiting unvaccinated animals, going to parks and public areas and especially having contact with sick animals. Puppy Preschool Classes are usually safe for puppies to attend providing that they are held in a controlled environment.The veterinarian will advise you when it is safe for your puppy to go to public areas.

Adult Dogs & Cats

The immunity from puppy and kitten vaccination weakens over time and your pet can again become susceptible to disease. Annual health checks and booster vaccinations, as required, will provide the best protection for the life of your pet.


Rabbits require a course of vaccines when they are young (under 10 weeks of age) and then yearly vaccinations against Calici- Virus to keep them healthy


Ferrets require a course of vaccinations when they are young (under 10 weeks of age) and then yearly vaccinations against Distemper to keep them healthy.

If your pet is due for its vaccinations, call Cannington Veterinary Hospital today to make an appointment (08) 9356 5696
My family and I have been taking our dogs to Cannington Vet Hospital for many years and can highly recommend this wonderful vet practice to anybody looking for caring and truly engaged specialists. Dr Cooper and his team are very knowledgeable and communicate very clearly about the needs of the animals in their care while also advising honestly and openly about the costs associated with the care provided. We can not thank Dr Cooper and his team enough for the care they have provided for our dogs over the years.
Gerda Banks

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