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Meet Our Pets

Many clients ask us about our own pets. We love our pets very much and are pleased to be able to share some photos and a little insight into the life they share with us.

Please scroll through the gallery below to meet the beloved fur babies of the Cannington Veterinary Hospital team!

Nurse Tahnee’s 3 dogs “Gabriel”, “Sarai “and “Jonah” enjoying Point Peron Beach

Nurse Tahnee’s dog “Gabriel”

Like Tahnee’s other 2 dogs, Gabe had a medical problem as a puppy that meant he needed a special home. Since then he has grown into a bit of a giant, weighing in over 60kg. He loves his cuddles from Tahnee and loves his brother Jonah and sister Sarai.

Nurse Tahnee’s dog “Jonah”

Jonah is very handsome. He needed a home as a young puppy due to a medical condition and Tahnee came to the rescue. He’s a very friendly but occasionally naughty boy. A great friend to Tahnee and great mate to Gabe and Sarai.

Dr Kirsten Underwoods ferret “Bo”

Bo the ferret may look tiny but she is full of personality. Bo has no fear and is often getting into places she shouldn’t be and causing a ruckus. Bo loves her dog sister Myf. They are always up to mischief together and love to play.

Nurse Valerie’s dog “Dylan”

To say that Dylan is enthusiastic about food is an understatement. He really REALLY loves food. Dylan is always happy and is always carrying toys or treats around in his mouth, especially when he is greeting people.

Valerie has 3 young grand kids who Dylan adores. He is very patient and gentle towards them and brings a lot of joy to their lives.

“Storm” and his mate “Luna”

Many of you will recognize this photo from our consulting room and website. Storm and Luna were extremely happy after a very enjoyable walk to the beach through the forest and fortunately posed long enough on the table to get this great shot.

Sarah and Mike’s other dog “Teddy”

Teddy is Luna’s ‘little brother’. He’s a very gentle but active Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Teddy also has competed in agility when he was younger but now more enjoys his long naps on the sofa.

Dr Kacey Watanabe’s dog “Chibi”

Chibi sure is a rascal. He came to Cannington Veterinary Hospital as a lost little puppy. After no luck finding his old home and after completion of his “pound time”, little Chibi became a part of vet Kacey’s home.

Chibi shares his home with his brother’s Teddie the dog and Shido the one eyed cat.

Dr. Cooper's cat "April"

April is one of  Dr. Cooper’s 2 remaining cats. She is very pretty and has a gentle nature. Not uncommon for older cats, April has recently been diagnosed with an over active thyroid gland. She is now responding well to her daily medication which she accepts very cooperatively.

Nurse Tahnee’s dog “Sarai”

Sarai is Tahnee’s most recent rescue. She was born with a deformed leg and needed to find a loving home.

Tahnee again came to the rescue and Sarai immediately settled in with her big brothers, Jonah and Gabe. Her mild disability hasn’t slowed her down at all. Despite her comparatively small size she bosses her brothers around and is not afraid of anything, even a casual swing in the park.

Dr Kirsten Underwoods dog “Myf”

Little Myf is such a delight. She is a maltese cross with a little bit of everything. Myf is a calm and clever girl who loves her cuddles and pats. Her personality is so chilled that she is like an old dog in a young dog’s body.

Myf’s best friend is a ferret named Bo. They are often caught running amuck around the house.

Dr. Kelly’s cat “Milky”

Dr. Kelly has had Milky since she was a kitten. She’s now over 12 years old. Milky injured both her knee joints after slipping off a wet roof but has recovered well after surgery  and is now on Hill’s Joint Diet to  help prevent arthritis. She’s back climbing again but a little more cautiously!

Dr. Cooper with his dog “Storm”

Dr. Cooper’s dog Storm unfortunately passed away during 2018. He was originally brought in to Cannington Veterinary Hospital by a client who had rescued him after being found during a storm about 13 years ago. Over the years Dr. Cooper enjoyed many active times running and bush walking with Storm. A favorite location was Denmark where this photos was taken one morning after a cool early morning outing. Storm is dearly missed and has left us with many fond memories of his friendship and the times we shared together.

 Sarah and Mike’s dog “Luna”

Unfortunately Luna passed away early in 2019. He was a very beautiful Australian Shepherd who belonged to Sarah and Mike who do grooming for us on Fridays and Saturdays. He appears in several of the photos on our website and around the practice. Luna was born in Tasmania, competed in agility when he was younger and very much enjoyed his time on holiday in Denmark where this photo was taken.

Nurse Valerie’s Cat “Merlin”

Meet Social Butterfly Merlin.

Merlin is a very handsome ragdoll who shares his home with Dylan the labrador.

Merlin is always the first to greet Valerie when she arrives home looking for attention, especially pats and cuddles.

Nurse Tahnee’s dogs “Gabriel, Sarai and Jonah”

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