Puppy Preschool classes are a great way to socialise your new puppy and to learn some basic training.

Puppies should be enrolled as early as possible to get the most out of the classes. They can be as young as 8 weeks on their first lesson and should begin lessons no later than 14 weeks of age.

The classes run for an hour per week for a four week course and cover topics such as toilet training, digging, chewing and jumping up and training exercises such as sit, stay, come, drop, wait and walking on lead.

Puppies do not need to have had their final puppy vaccinations to come to Puppy Preschool. This is because it is held in a controlled environment that has been disinfected so that there is little chance of them picking up any nasty bugs.

Puppies need to have had their first vaccine (usually given at 6-8 weeks of age) and will need to be kept up to date with their vaccines and worming throughout the course. They should not be allowed to go to parks and other public places, or come into contact with unvaccinated dogs until they are adequately protected as advised by the veterinarian. For most puppies vaccinated at Cannington Veterinary Hospital this will be one week after their 10-12 week vaccination.

To enroll in Puppy Preschool or if have any questions please phone us or pop in to the clinic! (08) 9356 5696

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