Pet Insurance

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Cannington Veterinary Hospital
15 Clapham St
WA 6107

08 9356 5696

Is your pet insured? Our pets mean so much more to us than our possessions- yet most of us have car insurance but not pet insurance! Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that if something unexpected happens to your pet such as an accident or illness, you will be able to afford the medical treatment.

We are lucky in Australia to have a public health care system whereby anyone can access free medical treatment- but this is not the case for our pets!

Sadly many people cannot afford to cover the unexpected costs of veterinary care and are all too often left faced with the option of euthanasia.

Having insurance gives you access to the treatment that you feel is best for your pet. There are many companies that offer Pet Insurance, we recommend researching which type of insurance would suit you and your pet best.