New Dog Laws

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We've had a lot of requests for information about the new Dog Laws- so we've summarised the changes and what they'll mean for you.

  • The new laws will require all new dogs to be microchipped prior to registration,
  • All dogs changing owners will need to be microchipped and;
  • Dogs that are already owned will need to be microchipped by 2015
  • You will need paperwork to show the council that your dog is microchipped- we can help you with this!

Microchipping is a permanent form of identification- where a chip is implanted under your dog's skin that can be read by a specially designed scanner.

The microchip contains a serial number that is unique to your pet- and is used to link to your details on a national computer database- in case your pet ever goes missing.

We have seen many happy owners reunited with their pets because of microchipping! If your dog is not microchipped- call us to book in for this simple procedure- it is well worth it!

Some changes have been also been made resulting in stricter laws to control dogs that are dangerous or causing a nuisance. For more information see the following links;

Read an article in WAtoday about the new laws.

Read about your responsibilities as a dog owner.


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